Discussion List Migration

Discussion list Migration FAQs


  • What does this Discussion list platform migration entail?
    • The Ex Libris discussion lists supporting Summon and 360 services, available through the Sympa and GroupSpaces platforms, will be hosted through a unified Mailman platform for all Ex Libris products and areas of interest to customers.In addition, the names of the discussion lists will be transitioned to a unified convention.


  • When will this platform migration happen and when will the Discussion lists become active?
    • The Discussion list platform migration is scheduled for February 28, 2018.


  • What are the impacts to existing Discussion list subscribers and what changes should we expect on February 28, 2018?
    • The following are the most immediate impacts for discussion list subscribers:
      • Discussion list subscribers will receive introductory emails on February 28 for each discussion list they subscribe to
      • Each discussion list will have a new email address to for subscribers to post to
      • Discussion list subscribers will receive future posts and access to discussion list archives through the new discussion list platform.
      • Email addresses for subscribers posting to the system are masked from public display.
      • Discussion list subscribers can view archives by either thread, subject, author, or date
      • Due to GroupSpaces platform constraints, only the Summon discussion list archives are able to migrate, but the 360 discussion lists will begin creating archives immediately after the transition
      • Discussion list subscribers can elect to receive posts as individual posts or in a daily batch format
      • Ex Libris customers can use a dedicated page for each discussion list to sign-up for or opt-out of a specific discussion list.
      • All Ex Libris product discussion lists hosted on the Sympa (Summon) and GroupSpaces (General + regional) accounts will cease to function, preventing distribution of posts access to archives.
      • ELUNA-Announce and IGeLU discussion list posts will only be distributed to those members of ELUNA or IGeLU.
      • Verifiable Ex Libris customer email address domains are required for subscribing to these Discussion lists. General email domains, such as @yahoo.com and @gmail.com, that are not recognizable, institutional customer email accounts cannot be verified by system administrators and are not allowed.


  • What information will the introductory email contain?
    • The introductory email will contain the following details
      • Name of the list subscribed to
      • Email address to be used for posting to the list
      • A link to general information about the page
      • A link to your subscription page, where you can unsubscribe or change discussion list delivery options

  • How do I post to these new discussion lists when they become active?
    • Each discussion list will have a new email address for subscribers to post to. Instructions for posting to each Discussion list will communicated to respective discussion list subscribers in an introductory email on February 28, 2018 and will be available on their respective general information/sign-up pages



  • Do I need to sign up for the new discussion lists?
    • If you are subscribed to a current discussion list and a customer of Ex Libris then you do not need to sign up for the new discussion lists.Though as noted above, if you are using a general email domain that is not a recognizable, institutional customer email account then you will need to sign up with your organizational email account after February 28, 2018 or change your subscription to a recognizable customer email account prior to February 28, 2018.


  • How do I change my email address or opt-out of subscription prior to the February 28, 2018, Discussion list migration?
  • Who manages these lists?
    • IGeLU and ELUNA are responsible for administering and hosting the Discussion lists.
  • Will Ex Libris product management still monitor and respond to these lists?
    • Ex Libris product management will continue to monitor and post to the discussion lists as they have previously. Though, as a reminder, for product questions requiring support please submit cases through the Ex Libris Support Portal.


The following will represent the discussion lists affected and their new names:


List Old Address New Address
Australia and New Zealand Community serials-solutions+anz@groupspaces.com summon-360+anz@exlibrisusers.org


Chinese Community

serials-solutions+cn@groupspaces.com summon-360+cn@exlibrisusers.org
French Community serials-solutions+fr@groupspaces.com summon-360+fr@exlibrisusers.org
German Community serials-solutions+de@groupspaces.com summon-360+de@exlibrisusers.org
Portugese serials-solutions+br@groupspaces.com summon-360+br@exlibrisusers.org
General serials-solutions+general@groupspaces.com summon-360+general@exlibrisusers.org
Irish Community serials-solutions+ireland@groupspaces.com summon-360+ir@exlibrisusers.org
Management and Assessment serials-solutions+manage@groupspaces.com summon-360+manage@exlibrisusers.org
Middle East Community serials-solutions+middle-east@groupspaces.com summon-360+me@exlibrisusers.org
Dutch Community serials-solutions+nl@groupspaces.com summon-360+nl@exlibrisusers.org
Spanish Community serials-solutions+Hispana@groupspaces.com


Japanese Community serials-solutions+jp@groupspaces.com summon-360+jp@exlibrisusers.org
Turkish Community serials-solutions+tr@groupspaces.co summon-360+tr@exlibrisusers.org
Danish Community serials-solutions+dk@groupspaces.com summon-360+dk@exlibrisusers.org
Summon summonclients@lists.summon.serialssolutions.com summon@exlibrisusers.org