ExLibris Content Operations

The integration of ProQuest and Ex Libris content operation resulting in Knowledge Bases and search engine indexes has lead to a joined company unit headed by Judith Fraenkel.


The so called ‘holistic’ approach the Content Operations team wants to assure that content is handled and processed for all products.

The Seattle and Jerusalem teams are now merged into one unit aiming at improving coverage, enrichment (for instance the new ‘peer review’ information) and speed of delivery for content services.

Although different products may require different kind or formats of content information, the team is focusing on ingesting information from vendors in one process, handling it using merged best practices from the former Primo Central Index, Alma Community Zone, SFX Knowledge Base, Summon Central Index and 360 Knowledge Base content teams.

This should also help leverage the synergy in contacts with content vendors.


Ex Libris has added Content to the Idea Exchange and removed the KB items part from Salesforce. This fragmentation of handling user requests for content was confusing for many customers and the KBAB group asked Ex Libris to move the process to Idea Exchange.

So this is actually a good result for the KBAB.

Every customer has a separate 20 votes in Idea Exchange for the Content, apart from the number of votes one has for products.

Ideas much voted upon by customers can, but do not nessecarily will be accepted or implemented by Ex Libris.


Besides this Idea Exchange platform for content additions, IGeLU offers the periodical Knowledge Base voting cycles through NERS.

The NERS voting system differs from Idea Exchange because it is build on a commitment by Ex Libris to invest a dedicated amount of work into adding the most voted resources to their content products.

– Theo Engelman
Chair (IGeLU Steering Committee)