GDPR Update

Ex Libris and members of IGeLU Steering Commitee agreed at the IGeLU Conference in Singapore to establish a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Task Force in which customers and Ex Libris will talk about GDPR issues for Ex Libris products.

The GDPR Task Force currently has nine customer members from Germany, Italy, Portugal and UK, and three colleagues from Ex Libris. The group started work at the end of 2019 and focused on Alma. The customers collected use cases around the following relevant GDPR articles:

* Art 15 (Right of access by the data subject)
* Art 20 ( Right to Data Portability )
* Art 17 (Right to erasure (aka ‘right to be forgotten’) and
* Art 18 (Right to restrict processing).

GDPR task force is asking for  Volunteers. If you are interested, please contact Dave Allen.

The Task Force will present the results at the IGeLU Conference 2021.

respectfully submitted by: Christian Hänger