IGeLU 2017 Delegates Feedback

We had another successful conference in St Petersburg, Russia. We received a lot of positive feedback on the conference, the presentations and the hospitality of our host – The National Library of Russia. The IGeLU Steering Committee would like to thank the IGeLU Program Planning Committee, the presenters and the delegates for making this conference a success.

This year we trialled a new conference mobile app. This app was co-developed by Mark Dehmlow and Shameem Nilofar. This app has provided us with the opportunity to collect feedback – some ‘positive’ and some ‘what we can do better’. In general

  • 90% of the delegates indicated that the individual sessions were useful, enjoyable and/or interesting
  • 5% of the delegates indicated that they found the conference overall as being useful, enjoyable and/or interesting

Issues that delegates raised and which the IGeLU Steering Committee need to do better are as follows:

Venue Logistics

  • WiFi is a major issue – need to cater for the fact that each delegate may have up to three devices
  • Audio quality is an issue
  • Developers Day conference needs to be located closer to the main event


  • Need vegan option
  • Need gluten free option


  • Too much time allocated to Ex Libris presentations
  • Ex Libris presenters need to present based on the global community and not EU centric
  • Would like more customer presentations
  • May need to look at a standard 45 minutes for presentations as 30 minutes is not long enough
  • Too many sessions being run in parallel
  • English speakers need to speak slower
  • Alma panel may need to be reviewed – g. new Alma Users, Converting from Voyager/Aleph/Other LMS, extending Alma for the seasoned users
  • More sessions on non-traditional products such as Leganto, CampusM
  • Access to all presentations to be made available as soon as possible
  • Access to presentations prior to the conference

The IGeLU Steering Committee values all feedback and we will be using this feedback to improve the IGeLU Conference which is being held in Prague between 20th to 23rd August 2018.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Prague.