IGeLU 2020 Conference Update

IGeLU 2020 is already proving a popular place to be.  We have nearly 100 presentations in ProposalSpace. We’re looking forward to the challenges Zoom may have for us but also the opportunities. We will be sending out a how-to presentation shortly which will hopefully help with advice on designing a session for Zoom audiences.

It will be a great to have a truly worldwide meeting.

It will be great to have people who don’t ordinarily attend IGeLU events attend and present and to ‘meet’ each other.

We will be a large congregation at the Vurch of IGeLU 2020. At this conference, we will offer the usual Product group/ExLibris meetings and a a Q and A with ExLibris and will be calling for questions in advance as usual. Please add your questions to this Q&A form!

We may even have some social events, which may involve any or all of the following:  (pets; dodgy hairdos; coffee; quizzes; beer; sourdough bread; lockdown buzzword bingo…. All to be confirmed).

And it will be interesting to see what distance will be the largest between two attendees.

One thing’s for sure – there should be no problems about missing coffee breaks. Or having really good coffee.  Not that we don’t always have great coffee on planet IGeLU.