IGeLU Chair’s Report, December 2020

The year 2020 will be one that we will not forget for some time. I remember during contract negotiations for the IGeLU 2019 Singapore Conference where we had a lengthy discussion about the conference insurance. The conference insurance included coverage for pandemic events. At the time we did not really understand why anyone would want to insure for such an event! We now know better.

The original plan for IGeLU 2020 Conference was to have a physical conference in Cardiff, Wales. The pandemic meant that the Steering Committee had to have some serious discussions about whether we will still proceed with a physical conference, cancel the conference or run a ‘digital conference. I am glad that we took the risk and decided to hold a ‘digital’ conference. I would like to thank the community and presenters for making the ‘digital’ conference a success. Putting the ‘digital’ conference together was well and truly outside of our ‘comfort zone’. However, the dedication of the IGeLU Conference Planning Committee ensured that the ‘digital’ event was a success.  A full conference report is available on the IGeLU website at https://igelu.org/archives/13395

The year has also been a year of change.

  • Betsy Friesen, Alma Working Group Coordinator has retired and after 8 ½ years in the role she will be missed. Her drive and commitment to the international community is to be commended.
  • Bar Weinstein, President of Ex Libris, has taken up a new position in another industry sector. He joined Ex Libris 11 years ago. His skill and expertise has been the driving force behind the Ex Libris’ successful cloud strategy.

The IGeLU Administration Team based in Sienna, Italy will be issuing membership renewal invoices for 2021. As per previous years, members can download their invoice from the IGeLU website. Refer to the IGeLU Membership renewal FAQ at https://igelu.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/IGeLU-Membership-Renewal.pdf

Finally, I would like to wish you all a happy and safe festive season. Keep safe and healthy and see you all in 2021.

Dave Allen

IGeLU Chair