Introducing newly elected SC Member – Ken Herold

Tell us a bit about yourself ?

I am an associate dean of libraries for Adelphi University just outside New York City. Link: My areas cover the traditional technical services plus systems, budget, and digital initiatives.  Adelphi has about 8000 students in liberal studies, sciences, public health, education, nursing, business, and social work.  We have Summon and 360 Core/Link.

What was your first experience with the ExLibris User community?

We converted to Voyager in 2002 when I was director of library information systems at Hamilton College in upstate NY.  I attended a great many user conferences, presenting often, and became a zealot for the open programming and developer zones. I think I had the first customer login in 2008 when the open platform was announced.

Where do you think the Steering Committee can add the most value to the community?

As a newbie I see a broad variety and depth of experience in the group, so we bring a shared desire for organized transparency and clarity of service based on reasonable demands for vendor performance on behalf of IGeLU members.

What are your future hopes for the community ? How would you like to see IGELU develop?

I personally hope we can accelerate community participation among developers, both customer and company.  Our users deserve company product integration and interoperability at a scale barely reached at present. I need to learn more about IGeLU before I speak to its development–at least I commit to do so and in conjunction with my role as ELUNA liaison!

Ken Herold
Steering Committee