KBAB is now the Content Working Group (CWG)

The Knowledge Base Advisory Board (KBAB), a joint ELUNA/IGeLU group, is now the Content Working Group (CWG). The name change reflects the scope of the content areas we work with – the link resolver knowledge bases and the discovery indexes. It also aligns with Ex Libris’s move to consolidate Content operations.

What the Content Working Group does: The Content Working Group engages in activities on behalf of the Alma, SFX, Intota/360Link, Primo and Summon user communities, that support the development, management and quality of the content that underlies these products. For example, the Group has worked with Ex Libris to provide input on resource/content types and other content changes, to press vendors to provide metadata for new collections or better metadata for existing collections, and to convey community input.

The CWG has also made recommendations to Ex Libris in order to improve their communication and transparency around KBs/indexes contents and updates
Working Group members are listed on the user group websites. Please contact us with questions or feedback.

François Renaville, University of Liege (co-coordinator for IGeLU) francois.renaville@ulg.ac.be
Kathy Varjabedian, Los Alamos National Laboratory (co-coordinator for ELUNA) kv@lanl.gov