News from the Primo / Metalib PWG

Primo Central Index Central Knowledge Base (PCI CKB) voting

The IGeLU Primo PWG conducted – in collaboration with ELUNA – a Primo Central Index Central Knowledge Base (PCI CKB) ballot which was the first PCI voting at all.
The ballot was a great success and 138 resources were added to NERS and sent to Ex Libris.
Ex Libris agreed to review the top 10 resources of the list.
Due to the great interest a second ballot will be conducted in November/December 2015.

Primo SaaS / Primo Direct / Primo Local

The new strategy of Ex Libris seems to concentrate on the SaaS environment. The PWG was alarmed by member institutions that felt persuaded by Ex Libris to migrate their Primo Direct instance – hosted by Ex Libris – to the Primo SaaS environment without being properly informed about all the consequences of such a migration. The PWG produced an exhaustive document in which the important features and advantages of a Primo Local or Direct instance above a Primo SaaS one are listed.

Another point of concern are plans Ex Libris communicated about the delivery of new functions first or exclusively to Primo SaaS customers. ELUNA and IGeLU PWG understand the need to first implement changes in a controlled environment to improve the software and reduce the costs of support but would also like to stress that new functions like the new User Interface (UI) are important for all customers and not only for the Primo SaaS customers.

The PWG reported their worries to the IGeLU Steering Committee who raised and discussed this topic in their meeting with Ex Libris Senior Management in Budapest, March 2015.
Please find the results of this meeting here in this issue.

Christian Hänger, Primo / Metalib PWG coordinator