Primo Product Working Group News

Primo User Interface

Primo PWG is discussing jointly with the ELUNA Primo PWG and selected beta-testers the features and functions of the new User Interface which Ex Libris will roll out in 2016.

Software enhancements

The 2nd round of voting related to the 2015 enhancements started at the beginning of March.  Ex Libris has allocated complexity points to the enhancements which polled highest in the first round of voting and has agreed to develop new enhancements with a total value of 150 points.

Certain enhancement requests have been split into current UI and new UI versions where the development effort required to implement them is significantly different. The 2nd round of voting will therefore allow the community to decide whether these functions should be developed for both UIs or only the new UI. In addition some enhancements relating to the Primo Central Index have been postponed because of the ongoing development work to merge content with ProQuest’s Summon index.

Christian Hanger
Coordinator, Primo PWG