Primo Working Group elections

The IGeLU Primo Working Group has three open positions, and our call for volunteers has resulted in five highly qualified candidates willing to run in a public election.

  • Paul Harding, University of York, UK
  • Gaith Bader, Unversity of Sydney, Australia
  • Indira Bermudez Aguilar, International Labour Organization, Switzerland
  • Noémie Ammann, ETH Library, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Ryan Edwards, West Los Angeles College Library, CA, USA

The election will take place in NERS ( and is open to all IGeLU members.

The election will open Tuesday, October 1, and run through Thursday, October 17.

Every IGeLU institution will have 3 votes, and can spend up to 1 vote per candidate.

After the votes are in, the results will be announced here on the web site.

The three candidates with most votes will join the Primo Working Group from our next meeting in November.

Should the Working Group happen to get further vacancies during the coming year (until IGeLU 2020), such spots will be offered to the other two candidates before a general announcement is made.

I want to thank all who volunteered for these positions; the level of interest and commitment is a warm reminder of the worth of our community.

I encourage all IGeLU member institutions to take part in the election.

Please let me know if you  have any questions.

Best regards,


Knut Anton Bøckman
IGeLU Primo WG Co-ordinator