Primo/MetaLib PWG News

Great results

The Primo/MetaLib Product Working Group is happy to announce that Ex Libris accepted 15 enhancements out of the 2013 general and Opac via Primo (OvP) voting cycle.

A list of the accepted enhancements can be found in the ElCommons Wiki (ElCommons Wiki/Primo/enhancement ideas) and will be developed in the relevant Primo versions are 4.8. and higher.

Cooperation with ELUNA

This outcome was the result of a successful cooperation with the ELUNA Primo PWG.

Actually we are conducting a combined ballot for general and OvP enhancements in cooperation with the ELUNA Primo PWG and expect the results at mid of September.

 CKB voting

The Primo/MetaLib PWG conducted one CKB voting (17th round results for Metalib CKB).

The group conducted a cleanup of NERS and changed the status of 200 old enhancements to ‘archived’. All members of the group have been very committed and worked hard for the enhancement process.

Christian Haenger, IGeLU Primo/MetaLib PWG Coordinator