The Community of Practice maintains a “Linked Data Development in Ex Libris Products” Dashboard, which lists the current or proposed LOD developments in Ex Libris products. It is regularly updated. So for up to date information it is a good starting point.

The group wrote a report about URIs in Ex Libris Products in 2022.

We also run Town Hall meetings during the year. These are recorded to allow access to them in various time zones. You can find them on the Events page.

Community Meetings

Meeting recordings and upcoming events are available on the Events page.

User Stories

LOD Working Group now seeking User Stories/Use cases for linked data from Ex Libris customers. If you have ideas or user stories, please submit them using the Google form.

Other Resources

A classic article by Tim Berners-Lee Linked Open Data: “Is Your Data 5*?”

Another rich resource is the SWIB (Semantic Web in Libraries) conference which for the last couple of years has been held online.

A presentation introducing linked open data from a SWIB workshop outlines the basics 

Ex Libris Tech Blog

The Ex Libris Developer Network also has information on work undertaken by both the Company and customers. A recent development on Using the Linked Data Integration API to Enhance Discovery is documented.

Searching under linked data brings up further posts.