NERS Vs. Idea Exchange


IGeLU, ELUNA and Ex Libris have a Product Development Collaboration Agreement, where Ex Libris has a commitment to develop the top voted enhancement requests from customers.

The NERS system and underlying Product Development Collaboration Agreement give ELUNA and IGeLU members the benefit to prioritize customer enhancement requests using the voting system in NERS.

Ex Libris allocates periodically a specific amount of development resources to each product and the top voted enhancements of the NERS voting will be implemented each year or major version, depending on the product.



Last year Ex Libris has introduced Ideas Exchange as a platform for customers to request enhancements on their products.

This platform currently supports Ideas for Alma, Primo, CampusM, and Rosetta and can be useful for customers to ask for Ideas that can be implemented fast, using the agile versioning of the products.

About any commitment to implement Ideas, Ex Libris is very clear, there is none! Only Ex Libris decides whether to accept and plan any enhancement idea coming from customers. If Ex Libris accepts an Idea and plans to implement it there is no guaranteed timeframe.

The voting function on the platform is a popularity poll to indicate to Ex Libris if the Idea is popular among the other platform users. It does not guarantee acceptance or implementation.



The IGeLU and ELUNA Steering Committees advise our members to use both routes to share their enhancement requests and Ideas for Ex Libris products. For those products where Ideas Exchange caters for it’s best to  start adding your enhancement requests there.

There is a chance your Idea is accepted and planned by Ex Libris even before the next NERS enhancement cycle starts. If your Idea has not been accepted or planned by Ex Libris in Ideas Exchange at the time the Product Working Group announces the start of the NERS enhancement cycle, than you are advised to add your request to NERS. If you do so, please add a comment in in Ideas Exchange, indicating that you have now raised your Idea as a NERS enhancement request.

When using NERS complimentary to Ideas Exchange you benefit from the chance to get your enhancement request backed up by so many colleague member votes that Ex Libris is committed to implement it.


NERS ONLY                                                       

For all products where Ideas Exchange does not cater currently, ELUNA and IGeLU members can add their request immediately to the NERS enhancement voting cycle.  This will give you the benefit of the commitment by Ex Libris to develop and implement the top voted enhancement requests from the community.



The NERS enhancement cycles are only open for IGeLU and ELUNA members. So if you want to benefit from this excellent method of getting your enhancement requests implemented, join us!

You can find more information on our websites: or


IGeLU Chair                                                                      ELUNA Chair

Theo Engelman                                                               Habib Tabatabai