Aleph enhancements

The General Development Cooperation Agreement between Ex Libris and IGeLU, May 2008, is used as the basis for the Aleph enhancement procedure, as for the other Ex Libris products.

Aleph and NERS

In the new ALEPH enhancement process within NERS, IGeLU and ELUNA discuss and propose enhancements jointly. Both associations use the NERS database to manage the enhancements. However, they have separate voting cycles. The beginning of the voting process is “tied” to the each organization’s annual conference.

During the “First voting period” users will be able to vote for the enhancements that they want to see implemented in new ALEPH releases and they can vote on either IGeLU or ELUNA enhancements found in the database.

The 15 most voted enhancements will be sent to ExLibris to assign development points. The IGeLU Aleph PWG works with Ex Libris to clarify what is intended as well as the pointing. After pointing, those 15 enhancements will be open for Final Voting. IGeLU and ELUNA have 120 points/development days each to use and we select the most voted enhancements until we have spent all 120 points. If some of the enhancements selected were already voted in by ELUNA and if they have already sent them to ExLibris for development at the conclusion of  the ELUNA voting cycle, we will eliminate them from the IGeLU vote and will promote the next most voted enhancements.

See  how to submit an enhancement request for Aleph for details of how to use NERS.