Rapido NERS

The Rapido NERS process is managed collaboratively by the IGeLU Rapido WG, the ELUNA Rapido WG and the RapidILL WG.

Member libraries of IGeLU or ELUNA can submit and vote for requests on the  NERS (New Enhancements Request System).

2023 Rapido NERS timeline

August 1Deadline to submit new Rapido enhancement requests in NERS (New Enhancements Request System) for the 2023 round
August 2 – August 29The Rapido Enhancements Team reviews and sets up vote in NERS
September 5 – October 17First round of voting (6 weeks)
October 18 – October 24The Enhancements Team reviews the results, and prepares them for Ex Libris to assign complexity points
October 25 – November 7Ex Libris adds complexity points to the top voted results. The Enhancements Team determines if a second round of voting is needed
November 8 – November 13Extra time assigned for clarification with Ex Libris
November 14 – December 8If necessary, a second round of voting takes place
And then ?The NERS agreement states that Ex Libris will develop the accepted enhancements within one year

2023 Rapido NERS 1st round

During the first round of votes, 107 requests have been submitted in total. After verification (duplicates, merges, already solved or already on roadmap) by enhancement coordinators, 87 requests have been part of the ballot 2023.

2023 Rapido NERS 2nd round

The following are the top 14 votable requests in round 2:

Request IDTitleAssigned Complexity Points (out of 50 total available)
8481RapidILL: Option to include title/verso pages in chapter requests11
8484Configuration option for mandatory fields in the Rapido request form10
8485View requests that activated the Borrowing Copyright Rule20
8487Ability to query RapidILL lending library from Alma10
8494Alma/Rapido notes: Reason for rejection should be passed on through RapidILL8
8501Support issue and article-level linking20
8513Rapido to parse all volume formats for multivolume works15
8518Possibility to re-loan an item after the max. renewals possible at the pick-up library25
8530Prevent multiple requests from a same borrowing library within a short period of time20
8533Rapido Closing Periods: Due Dates & Renewals30
8534User identifier should be visible in requests for the lending library (for both Rapido and RapidILL)13
8539Reservations can be placed for digitization requests (RapidILL)45
8558Add “Conditional” to RapidILL
8562Resource sharing form: Pickup location field should only show on physical resource sharing requests11