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Alma Product Working Group

Gijs Noels (LIBIS KU Leuven)Co-Chair / Coordinator
Catherine Grove (Northwestern University)Co-Chair / Coordinator
Mary Grenci (University of Oregon)Coordinator Enhancements
CoordinatorAnnual UG meeting liaison
Bettina Kann (OBVSG, Austria)Functional Group Chair: Resource Management
Leon Krauthausen (FU Berlin)Functional Group Chair: Acquisitions (incl Licensing)
Joe Ferguson (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)Functional Group Chair: Fulfillment & Resource Sharing
Marina Kalach (University of Haifa)Functional Group Chair: Alma digital
Catherine Grove (Northwestern University) / Amelia Rowe (RMIT)WG representative: Alma UX
Bettina Kann (OBVSG, Austria)WG representative: Consortia
Marina Kalach (University of Haifa)WG representative: DARA smart recommendation
Leon Krauthausen (FU Berlin)WG representative: Analytics
Erin Loree, Marina Kalach (University of Haifa)WG representative: Primo
Jamen McGranahan (Vanderbilt University)WG representative: Leganto
Catherine Grove (Northwestern University)WG representative: Linked Data
Jeremy McGinniss (Liberty University Virginia)WG representative: Summon
Joe Ferguson (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)WG representative: Rialto
Amelia Rowe (RMIT) / Mary Grenci (University of oregon)WG representative: CDI advisory group
Pete Wilson (Vanderbilt University)WG representative: Authorities focus group

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