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Primo/MetaLib Working Group

The objective of the Primo/MetaLib Working Group (WG) is to co-operate with Ex Libris in developing new services and functions for Primo and Metalib. Core group activity is to conduct the annual enhancement voting process.  Other activities include planning for the IGeLU conference and regular meetings with product management staff to discuss future directions and current issues relating to Primo.

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WG Members

  • Lauren Ajamie – Analytics SIWG Liaison, Content Working Group Liaison
    Hesburgh Libraries, University of Notre Dame
    lajamie {at} nd(.)edu
  • Knut Anton Bøckman – Acting Co-ordinator, Enhancements
    Royal Danish Library, Denmark
    knab {at} kb(.)dk
  • Boaz Dotan – Alma/PrimoVE, Enhancements
    University of Haifa, Israel
    bdotan {at}
  • Christian Hänger – Liaison with IGeLU Steering Committee
    Mannheim University Library, Germany
    christian.haenger {at} bib.uni-mannheim(.)de
  • Lee Houghton – Enhancements, Accessibility
    University of Nottingham, UK
    lee.houghton {at}
  • Amin Hussain – Primo VE, Enhancements
    University of Manchester, UK
    amin.hussain {at}
  • Bettina Kaldenberg – Deputy Coordinator, Alma/PrimoVE, Enhancements Lead
    Mannheim University Library, Germany
    bettina.kaldenberg {at} bib.uni-mannheim(.)de
  • Ulrich Leodolter – Developer Community Liaison, Interoperability
    Austrian Library Network and Service Ltd, Austria
    ulrich.leodolter {at} obvsg(.)at
  • Annette Schryver – Conference Planning Lead
    Macquarie University
    annette.schryver {at}
  • Stacey van Groll – Enhancements, Public Services Subgroup, Conference Planning
    University of Queensland, Australia
    s.vangroll {at}
  • Wei Xuan – Developer Community Liaison, Interoperability
    University of Manitoba, Canada
    wei.xuan {at} umanitoba(.)ca



Past members:

Andy MacKinnon, Bodleian Library, Oxford, UK – Coordinator (left 2018)

Rachel Collier-Wilson, University of Sheffield, UK – (left 2018)

Bronwyn King, UNILINC, Australia – (left 2015)

Lauren Shipley, Southampton Solent University, UK – (left 2014)

Andrew Brown, Swansea University, Wales, UK – (left 2014)

Masud Khokhar, University of Lancaster, UK – Coordinator (left 2013)

Peter V. Christensen, MiniBib – The Administrative Library, Denmark – (left 2013)

Naomi Greidinger, University of Haifa, Israel  – (left 2012)

Ole Holm, Royal Library of Denmark  – (left 2012)

Gary Johnson, College Center for Library Automation Florida, USA – (left 2012)

Mandy Stewart, British Library, UK – Coordinator  (left 2012)

Jeremy Acland, Queen Mary University of London, UK – Coordinator Metalib (left 2012)

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