Starting January 1 2018 the former independent Rosetta User Group has joined IGeLU and ELUNA to form a joint Product Working Group. The purpose and role of the Rosetta Product Working Group, however, remains the same:

  • To provide a forum for information sharing, discussion and collaborative analysis and assessment of the development of Rosetta.
  • Provide expert advice and guidance to Ex Libris to ensure that development of Rosetta is aligned with current international best practice for digital preservation.
  • Ensure Rosetta development continues to meet the needs of the Rosetta user community and potential new customers.
  • Expand collaboration within the Rosetta community, as well as with other digital preservation practitioners.

The Rosetta Product Working Group currently has 4 subgroups to manage the enhancement and development of specific aspects of shared operational practice.

  • Format Library Working Group – manages and discusses issues relating to the format library function of Rosetta. Led by Peter McKinney ,National Library of New Zealand , Peter.McKinney {at} dia.govt(.)nz
  • Digital Preservation Working Group – focuses on practices of long-term digital preservation and digital archiving. Led by Michelle Lindlar , TIB , German National Library of Science & Technology, Michelle.Lindlar {at} tib(.)eu
  • Delivery & Integrations Working Group – focuses on issues related to traditional ideas of digital asset management such as delivery and access rights. Led by Teresa Soleau, The Getty Research Institute, TSoleau {at} getty(.)edu
  • Systems Operation Working Group – focus on issues relating to the way Rosetta operates and how data moves through the system. Led by Aaron Williams ,Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, awilliams {at} ldschurch(.)org

If you are interested in participating in any of the above groups, please contact the relevant group lead. You can also join the Rosetta Discussion list .

The Rosetta Working Group holds an annual meeting, the purpose of which is to exchange user experiences and foster collaboration across the Rosetta community. This year the meeting will be held at the RMIT City Campus in Melbourne, Australia, June 3 – 5.   The registration form can be found here, registration will close on April 19th.

The Rosetta PWG also participates in the annual IGeLU and ELUNA conferences to provide an attractive Rosetta session track both for Ex Libris customers who are interested in the product and for Rosetta customers who attend to these conferences while having contracted several other Ex Libris products. Teresa Soleau, Getty Research Institute, is the Rosetta programme coordinator for ELUNA and Matthias Gross, Bavarian State Library, the Rosetta programme coordinator for IGeLU.

The Rosetta Product Working Group is led by Kirsty Smith, National Library of New Zealand

The IGeLU Steering Committee liaison officer is Dave Allen from the State Librray of Queensland (AUS), and the ELUNA Steering Committee liaison officer is John Greer from the University of Montana (US).

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