SFX WG Update, December 2020

News from the SFX Product Working Group

Thanks to Google Scholar registration using SFX Google Campus Activated Subscriber Access (CASA) could be activated as well. Google CASA simplifies access to subscribed e-journals and e-books for users working off campus. When a user visits Google Scholar on campus Google CASA token carrying information about the user affiliation with the organisation (library, university, research organisation, …) is activated. Google CASA token is valid for 30 days, user affiliation is recognised when the user is working off campus by Google Scholar and by content providers [1]. Google CASA is supported by JSTOR [2], Wiley Online [3] or Elsevier Science Direct [4] for example. 

Links to full texts in Google Scholar search results activated by Google CASA

A button linking to full text activated by Google CASA at JSTOR

Full text displayed to a user working off-campus thanks to Google CASA at JSTOR 

Google Scholar CASA activated by SFX is a useful tool particularly when many students and researchers need to study and work from home offices. 

As always, SFX PWG are continuing to look for ways that we can best assist the SFX community. If you have thoughts, ideas, or concerns, please contact Jiri Pavlik, the SFX PWG coordinator at jiri.pavlik@techlib.cz.

Take care, stay safe.

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