Updates from Primo PWG

Primo PWG News in Brief Primo Software Ballot 2015 and 2016 The final enhancement list resulting from the Primo software ballot 2015 has been published: https://igelu.org/products/primo/primo-enhancements .


The IGeLU and ELUNA PWGs will not conduct a software ballot in 2016. We will wait for the first customers to go live with new UI and offer a ballot sometime during the first half of 2017 to give them a forum to post new enhancement ideas. Because we don’t want to lose the 150 development points for Primo for this year we changed the procedure: we compiled a list of the 20 top-voted enhancements from 2015 and 2016 which weren’t selected for development and asked Ex Libris to review the complexity points which indicate the development effort required. When these points have been assigned we will take the enhancements which have the most amount of community votes.


New UI activities

IGeLU and ELUNA PWG ran a couple of sessions about the new UI at the IGeLU Conference and at Developers Day in Trondheim. The talks started with a concept of the special development partnership between IGeLU and Ex Libris. One hands-on session demonstrated how easily the layout of the new UI is changed with CSS. Another hands-on session demonstrated the initial experiences of a developer with Angular JS. The talks were closed by a presentation about a quick but effective approach to usability testing.


Primo New UI Hackaton

ELUNA will run a new UI Hackaton from December 12th to 16th. The website with the topics will be published soon.


Christian Haenger

Coordinator, Primo PWG