Updates from the KBAB SIWG

New members

The joint IGeLU and ELUNA Knowledge Base Advisory Board (KBAB) engages in activities, on behalf of the Alma, SFX, Intota/360Link, Primo, Summon, PCI user communities, that support the development and management of the knowledge bases and indexes that underlie the aforementioned products. While the Alma and Primo communities are well represented in the working group, KBAB needs additional expertise from librarians using other solutions. Therefore, KBAB has been looking for new volunteers with SFX, Summon, Intota and 360Link experience. We received several promising applications from motivated colleagues!


Primo Central Index voting

This year, the IGeLU/ELUNA Primo PWGs and KBAB will conduct a new Primo Central Index ballot via NERS. We hope this new ballot will be as successful as the previous ones! Stay tuned!


Idea Exchange for new contents

In September 2015, Ex Libris announced a new platform, Idea Exchange, for all customers to post ideas for enhancements and extensions to their products. This platform also offers a voting mechanism to facilitate customers to support ideas.

While Idea Exchange was only dedicated to some solutions, requests related to the KBs and indexes had to go through the discrete and less open ‘KB Items’ tab on Salesforce. KBAB and Ex Libris discussed this matter of fact at the last IGeLU Conference in Trondheim and came to the conclusion that using Idea Exchange for new contents would be an interesting option.

In early April, Ex Libris announced that a new ‘Content’ forum was available at Idea Exchange! The Content forum is a new channel that is now used for suggesting new collections and data that customers would like to see added to the Discovery Indexes (Primo Central and Summon), KnowledgeBases (Alma CZ, SFX KB and 360 KB) and the Alma Community Zone. Note that if you are suggesting new content for Discovery that is not yet in the KnowledgeBase you do not need to submit two entries – one idea is sufficient. Like for the others forums, each registered user starts out with 20 points available. As part of this new initiative, Ex Libris have migrated the top 35 KB items from Salesforce to the new Idea Exchange Content forum. Ex Libris Data Team will be reviewing ideas posted on a monthly basis.

See also: How can I request new collections to be added to our Discovery Indexes, KnowledgeBases and the Alma Community Zone?


Kathy Varjabedian, KBAB co-coordinator for ELUNA

François Renaville, KBAB co-coordinator for IGeLU