Voyager voting – the results are in

Between October 27 and November 19, the Voyager Product Working Groups for IGeLU and ELUNA presented an enhancements election for a future minor release of Voyager, version 8.2.The NERS system was used for the balloting process.

The enhancement ballot contained 143 items covering each Voyager client and most of the extension products. In total 83 member institutions cast their votes, 27 from IGeLU and 56 from ELUNA. Each member could allocate up to 10 point to any item for a maximum of 100 total points. A total of 7,878 points were allocated by voters. IGeLU and ELUNA members may use their NERS credentials to view the final ballot results.

After the close of voting, Product Working Groups jointly reviewed the results and recommend forwarding those items that received 100 or more points. Twenty-one items will be presented to Ex Libris for evaluation and development. Items which did not receive 100 votes will remain active for future balloting.

Questions about the enhancements process may be directed to the Product Working Group Chairs, Habib Tabatabai, IGeLU ( and Ted Schwitzner, ELUNA, (Ted Schwitzner, (