Voyager Working Group – An update

Voyager 10.1 has been released on April 17, 2018.  Voyager 10.1 offers new features and functionality that enhances library workflows and operations.  To see detailed information about the enhancements in Voyager 10.1, click here, or search  the Voyager Release Notes available in the Ex Libris Knowledge Center ( under Voyager > Release Notes > 10.1.0.

  • Development for the next release, Voyager 10.2, has started.  Highlights of the new features are:
  • Warn user when closing Voyager clients
  • Purge patron transactions based on transaction age
  • New option to renew with or without receipts from Charged Items index

Voyager 10.2 will be released in 2019.

Development in Voyager 10 has been extended and future releases include 10.3 (planned for 2021) and 10.4 (planned for 2022).  This extends support for both Voyager 9.x and Voyager 10.x.  The recent 2018 NERS enhancements which wrapped up on March 29th, will be re-allocated to 10.3 and 10.4.  950 votes were cast across 17 proposed enhancements — thank you to everyone who voted.

For those curious about the voting results, the highest ranked enhancements are:

  • Provide descriptive error message when record cannot be saved
  • Add option to GDC to insert subfields in specified order
  • Increase limit on length of EDI filenames
  • Viewing fixed field grid headings with larger font size
  • Holdings Boolean Keyword search need in GDC module
  • Rule consequences should have the same predefined 008 positions as rule conditions/GDC should include the blank when changing pub place from 3 chars to 2
  • Session preferences in Circ should be renamed
  • Rollover Rule should have an “All” check box for all PO Types/Line Item Types

Cindy Greenspun
Voyager WG Coordinator