IGeLU 2023 – Conference Program Overview

Last Update: August 28, 2023

(1) Conference Session Titles (11-13 Sept)

Traditional Conference plenary sessions

  • Opening Keynote: Digitisation shaping libraries, libraries shaping digitisation, by Koen Debackere, Executive director KU Leuven Research & Development
  • Keynote: A new Approach to Strategic Planning for KU Leuven Libraries, bottom-up innovation, by Hilde Van Kiel, Director KU Leuven Libraries
  • Closing Keynote: Closing Keynote: Generative AI – Possibilities and concerns, by Jeroen Baert (Computer Scientist. Comedian. Geek)
  • Q&A with Ex Libris Top Management
  • General Assembly

Community sessions

  1. A bookmarklet based application to interface the Alma Metadata Editor with the IdRef authority Web application
  2. A large, yet agile family: Facilitating innovation within the Renouvaud library network
  3. Agile working to adapt the usability of swisscovery
  4. All For One: Harnessing Library Teamwork for Leganto Success
  5. Alma functionalities as tools to facilitate changing cataloguing practices
  6. An innovative solution for delivering Ex Libris Services directly into user workflows – A use case review
  7. Authority linking with identifiers: lessons learned on a major configuration change
  8. Back to the Future: Changing LMS at Exeter University after 24 years
  9. Building a digital bookplate website via Primo
  10. Building cultural sensitivity into Primo
  11. Business Analysis in the Library, a use case in implementing the RFID Live Scanning Wand for stocktake
  12. Bye Heritage, Hello Alma: successful migration at RCSI Bahrain Library
  13. Choose Your Own Alma Adventure – figuring out e-collection workflows at NTU
  14. Consortia licenses, Open Access, and clean-up in the NZ
  15. Consortial Migration of Primo VE Normalization Rules
  16. Creating and populating a Primo View for Collection Assessment
  17. CRIS or Crisis?: How Did We Build a CRIS CRM System to Support Inquiries from Researchers?
  18. Document Delivery @LIBISnet – where to start… and where to end?
  19. Experiences with Search webhook @LIBISnet
  20. Exploring Linked Open Data capabilities at the European Parliament Library
  21. From Fee to Free: How our library moved from a paid to a free ILL service
  22. Geolocation of resources on an interactive library map
  23. How do we solve a problem like loading user records in Alma?
  24. Integrating ILL Systems and Workflows by Rapido
  25. Integrating Research Assets in Research Repository (Esploro) using Smart Expansion via Alma
  26. Linked Open Data for Beginners [1-hour session]
  27. IT library services as a trusted partner in the design, development, and sustainable exploitation of research infrastructures
  28. Leaning in – improving processes at the University of Salford Library
  29. Library Mobile App Management: Out of the Weeds
  30. Library Mobile: 1 Institute – 5 Libraries – 6 Profiles
  31. Linked Open Data for Beginners [1-hour session]
  32. LOD-enabled library systems for the future: A librarian’s perspective
  33. National Library of Poland – building of the library network in Poland with Alma and Primo
  34. Perspectives on moving to VE: Assessing the challenges and opportunities [long session]
    • What’s stopping us from migrating to Primo VE? An analysis from a Back Office holdout
    • To Primo VE or not to Primo VE and why haven’t everyone moved yet and why would you?
    • Two Years After Implementation of Primo VE – How Things Stand Without BO
  35. Purchase Request in Alma – a suggestion for service improvement
  36. Rialto, OpenRefine and Leganto: developing a bulk purchasing workflow
  37. Showcasing architecture design theses with Alma patron deposits
  38. Simplifying the approach to identifying new editions for reading lists
  39. swisscovery’s usability, what a discovery!
  40. Synchronizing a national union catalog with Alma CZ: Introducing automatic creation of electronic inventories within SUDOC
  41. The Future of Library Technology: Trends and Innovations
  42. The integration experience at Southern Cross University
  43. Using an Interactive Excel Workbook and Alma Analytics for Inventory
  44. When is a Government Document not a Government Document? Making sense of local resource types in Primo VE
  45. Working with Alma, Converis and Esploro in the life cycle of institutional research outputs

IGeLU sessions

All these sessions are open to all. Come and join us for an update on the activities of the working groups, sometimes together with product updates.

  1. Aleph Working Group Open Meeting and Aleph Product Update
  2. Alma Working Group Open Meeting
  3. Analytics Community of Practice Open Meeting
  4. Consortia Community of Practice Open Meeting and Roundtable
  5. Content Working Group Open Meeting
  6. Esploro Working Group Open Meeting
  7. IGeLU – A Beginner’s Guide
  8. Leganto Working Group Open Meeting
  9. Linked Open Data Community of Practice Open Meeting
  10. National/State/Corporate CoP Open Meeting
  11. Primo Working Group Open Meeting
  12. RapidILL Working Group Open Meeting
  13. Rapido Working Group Open Meeting
  14. Rialto Working Group Open Meeting  and Rialto Product Update
  15. Rosetta Working Group Open Meeting and Rosetta Product Update
  16. SFX Working Group Open Meeting and SFX Product Update
  17. Summon/360 Working Group Open Meeting
  18. Voyager Working Group Open Meeting and Voyager Product Update

Gold Sponsor sessions

  1. Lean Library: Reimagining the Academic Library for the Student of Tomorrow (Half Plenary)
  2. Springshare: Springshare Integration with Ex Libris Tools (Half Plenary)
  3. Third Iron: Making use of article-level data and AI to improve linking (Half Plenary)
  4. GOBI: Advantages of API integration between Alma and GOBI (Half Plenary)

Ex Libris sessions

  1. Ex Libris, Part of Clarivate. Welcome and Update (Plenary)
  2. Strategic Vision, Part 1: Alma, Rapido, and the Higher Education Platform (Plenary)
  3. Strategic Vision, Part 2: The Next Discovery Experience & NEW campusM – Library (Plenary)
  4. Strategic Vision, Part 3: Leganto – Partnering with Teaching and Learning (Plenary)
  5. Customer Support and Content Operations (Plenary)
  6. The changing Resource Sharing landscape (Half Plenary)
  7. The future of AI and Libraries (Half Plenary)
  8. Learn-Build-Share-Ask-Discover-Extend. Ex Libris’ Developer Network (Half Plenary)
  9. Achieving Better Content: leading metadata to higher standards
  10. Alma Acquisitions Update
  11. Alma Consortia Management and Administration
  12. Alma Digital Product Update
  13. Alma ERM Update
  14. Alma integration with Web of Science: JCR and InCites
  15. Alma Product Update
  16. Artificial Intelligence (AI) – the Library Discovery context
  17. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  18. Esploro Product Update and new features demo
  19. Ex Libris at your service
  20. From cradle to user – the new Content journey
  21. In Depth: Accessibility
  22. Introducing Alma Starter for 360 Link, SFX, and Sierra (academic) libraries
  23. Leganto as part of the unified solution
  24. Leganto Product Update
  25. Leganto: a new User Experience
  26. Linked Data Library Ecosystem powered by AI
  27. Personalisation and Efficiency
  28. Primo Product Update
  29. RapidILL Product Update
  30. Rapido Product Update
  31. Reimagining Alma Authorities
  32. Rosetta on the Platform: next-gen digital preservation
  33. Summon/360 Product Update
  34. Turning data into Insight
  35. Where the Library and student success meet: Introducing the campusM library app
  36. Zooming into the Next Discovery Experience

In addition to these sessions, Ex Libris is also providing Primo VE workshops and Knowledge Day sessions.

(2) Developers’ Day Session Titles (14 Sept)

  1. Welcome: Intercepting data
  2. Adding Library Control of Business Logic to Alma User and Esploro Researcher Processing
  3. Alma Remote Storage Database Cleanup
  4. Customizing Primo to develop a digital bookplate website
  5. Getting Started in Sinopia. A linked data editor for metadata creation and reuse
  6. GND in Primo – three use cases
  7. How can you enable self-loan for patrons with no security issue?
  8. LIBsense – Book Evaluation Decision Support AI System
  9. Mapping Book Locations on Bookshelves through Search Results
  10. Next Discovery Experience
  11. Off the hook, using webhooks for providing feedback on bibliographic data
  12. The new BIBFRAME creation API for Alma

(3) Ex Libris Knowledge Days and Primo VE Workshops

  1. [Ex Libris KD] A spotlight on functionalities you can enable to maximize your Primo VE experience [BASIC]
  2. [Ex Libris KD] Central Discovery Index [BASIC]
  3. [Ex Libris KD] Cloud Apps [BASIC]
  4. [Ex Libris KD] Community Zone and Central Discovery Index: Two Systems with One Goal [BASIC]
  5. [Ex Libris KD] Creating and Managing Analytics Objects in the New Alma User Interface [BASIC]
  6. [Ex Libris KD] Creating custom search scopes and making them available in Primo VE [BASIC]
  7. [Ex Libris KD] Deduplication and FRBR functionality and customization in Primo VE [BASIC] – CANCELED
  8. [Ex Libris KD] Digital features in Alma [BASIC]
  9. [Ex Libris KD] Discovery interface display logic rules [BASIC]
  10. [Ex Libris KD] Document Delivery: Patron Digitization Requests Setup and Workflow [BASIC]
  11. [Ex Libris KD] Getting the Most out of Leganto Analytics [BASIC]
  12. [Ex Libris KD] New and Improved Alma Overlap Analysis Tool [BASIC]
  13. [Ex Libris KD] Streamlining Your Library Workflows [BASIC]
  14. [Ex Libris Workshop] Workshop 1 – Primo VE – Basic Normalization Rules Workshop
  15. [Ex Libris Workshop] Workshop 2 – Primo VE – Advanced Normalization Rules Workshop

These sessions are spread over the 4 days.

(4) Organization

Saturday September 9, 2023 (invitation only)

  • IGeLU Steering Committee (IGeLU SC) meeting
  • ELUNA Steering Committee (ELUNA SC) meeting

Sunday September 10, 2023 (invitation only)


  • IGeLU SC meeting
  • ELUNA SC meeting
  • Working Group (WG) and Community of Practice (CoP) coordinators meeting 
  • Joint IGeLU SC and ELUNA SC meeting


  • IGeLU SC, WG, CoP, INUG (National and Regional User Groups) representatives,
  • IGeLU SC, ELUNA SC, WG, CoP, INUG representatives meeting with Ex Libris/Clarivate management

Monday September 11, 2023


  • Conference registration from 8:00
  • First Timers welcome from 8:15 to 8:45
  • Conference Welcome
  • Opening Keynote
  • Plenary sessions


  • Breakout sessions


  • Social Event

Tuesday September 12, 2023


  • Plenary sessions
  • Keynote


  • Breakout sessions

Wednesday September 13, 2023


  • Breakout sessions


  • Plenary session
  • Q&A with Ex Libris Top Management
  • Fun session about AI

Thursday September 14, 2023

  • Developers’ Day sessions