Aleph PWG Update

2013 enhancement cycle
The Aleph PWG leaders met recently with our ELUNA counterparts and Carmit Marcus, Aleph Product Manager, to begin discussions regarding the 2013 enhancement cycle. In an attempt to avoid some of the confusion that members experienced last year, we have decided that  IGeLU and ELUNA – while continuing to jointly use NERS – will run separate voting cycles in 2013.  The cycles will be tied to our annual conferences, with ELUNA’s beginning this summer and IGeLU’s beginning in September, after Zurich.

Conference program
Regarding the conference, we have an exciting slate of programs: You will learn about different tools and approaches that experienced users employ to produce valuable reports and statistics. You will be shown how to increase customer satisfaction by enhancing traditional Aleph functionalities with local scripts and services. This is just a sampling of offerings, we hope to see as many of you as possible in Zurich!

PWG positions 
The terms of office of several PWG members will expire this year and replacements will be confirmed at the conference.  The positions of PWG Coordinator and one Deputy Coordinator are open.  Fortunately, Augusto Ribeiro, Deputy Coordinator for Enhancements, has agreed to stand for the vacant Coordinator position and Marcus Zerbst has agreed to continue in his role as Deputy Coordinator.  Fay Harrison, Ellen Jones, Maya Amichal and Jenny Clarke have all agreed to continue in their Module Coordinator roles.  We are still looking for a volunteer to fill the position of Module Coordinator for ILL.  If you are interested in standing for this position, the PWG Coordinator or the PWG Deputy Coordinator or would like more information regarding these positions, please contact Mike Ryan, PWG Coordinator, at


Mike Ryan, Aleph PWG