In Memoriam Christine Moulen

Today we received the tragic news about Christine Moulen who passed away on Saturday November 11. Christine was one of our most renowned colleagues because of her skills and knowledge on Aleph worldwide. Many colleagues know her name only by reading all the valuable and thorough contributions to the Ex Libris community. She was rewarded […]

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News in Brief May 2015

We invite you Dear reader, This first News in Brief in 2015 is again loaded with information we believe to be important for you. Of course we have updates on the upcoming 10th IGeLU Conference in Budapest. But there is more… All IGeLU officers work hard on a voluntary base to serve the interest of our community. […]

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News from the Aleph PWG

IGeLU Aleph voting cycle 2014 The 2014 Aleph Enhancements voting cycle was finished in January, 2015. In this voting cycle we promote the following 5 enhancements to be included in the next Aleph versions. Automatic reset of lost/forgotten account passwords within Aleph/Primo: [NERS #3416] When using F3 or Ctrl+F3 the subfield order in the Cat editor should match the retrieved […]

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IGeLU Working Groups open positions

Call for candidates The following IGeLU Working Groups have open positions and kindly ask YOU to volunteer: The SFX Product Working Group is seeking volunteers to serve two-year terms as PWG members. The PWG operates under the auspices of the IGeLU Steering Committee and is charged with organizing the SFX enhancement process, communicating product information […]

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News from the Aleph Product Working Group

Voting for V. 23 Since the IGeLU conference in Berlin, the Aleph PWG is working on an enhancements voting cycle. For the first voting cycle, 115 enhancement requests were submitted and, as agreed by the IGeLU members in Zurich conference, we selected the 15 most voted to be evaluated and assigned complexity points by Ex […]

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News from the Aleph Product Working Group

The 2012/2013 enhancements cycle was completed successful on February 12. In this cycle some changes were introduced in the enhancements procedure, we decided to bring only the top 15 enhancements from the first voting round to the final voting round, as agreed with the Aleph PWG Business meeting in Zurich. These 15 enhancements (having assigned […]

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Report from the Steering Committee Meeting in Berlin, March 2013

System Seminar 2014 After discussions about the pros and cons the Steering Committee accepted the suggestion of Ex Libris to hold the next system seminar in 2014 in conjunction with the IGeLU meeting. As in Haifa, the two events will start with the 3 days IGeLU meeting followed by a two days system seminar. The […]

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Aleph PWG Update

2013 enhancement cycle The Aleph PWG leaders met recently with our ELUNA counterparts and Carmit Marcus, Aleph Product Manager, to begin discussions regarding the 2013 enhancement cycle. In an attempt to avoid some of the confusion that members experienced last year, we have decided that  IGeLU and ELUNA – while continuing to jointly use NERS […]

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Aleph PWG update

The 2012 enhancement voting cycle was completed successfully on March 21st, and as a result six enhancements were forwarded to Ex Libris for development. We anticipate the most, if not all, of these enhancements will be included in a December 2012 service pack. The final enhancement descriptions are posted elsewhere on the website. This was […]

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Aleph PWG update

The Aleph PWG has been working to collect additional information on the 30 enhancement requests that received the highest vote totals in the October voting.  Each IGeLU request initiator was contacted, and the information collated and submitted to ExLibris for pointing. The final round of voting is scheduled for March 1st -15th 2012. Mike Ryan, […]

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