Analytics Working Group – An update

The evidence documents compiled by the Analytics Working Group detailing issues in Alma, Primo and Leganto Analytics have been distributed to Ex Libris as well as to the Alma, Primo, Leganto, Consortia and Analytics ListServs. A google form was also released to the ListServs as a means to provide feedback to the Analytics Working Group. Reviewers were able to request a priority change or submit additional use case evidence via the forms.

Summon Analytics was not included in this initial release but the group is currently in the process of gathering and vetting Summon evidence.


The Analytics working group met with Asaf Kline and Yoel Kortick from Ex Libris at ELUNA to discuss the evidence documents. Ex Libris is committed to working with the group to address the issues raised in the documents and has scheduled monthly meetings with an Analytics Working Group sub-group. These meetings will begin in October. In addition, Ex Libris has created a Basecamp to keep track of our written communications regarding the evidence documents.


Although the current evidence documents are closed for additions, issues continue to arise. The group will continue to gather analytics evidence and document issues raised via the various ListServs and discussions at ELUNA and IGeLU.

Joan Kolarik, the working group co-chair, has been meeting with an ELUNA sub-group to find software that all ELUNA working groups can use to post FAQs, create tickets, share documentation and do project management. Once this software is purchased by ELUNA the group hopes to load all of the analytics evidence into it so that all Ex Libris users will be able to search the site for issues, supporting use cases and responses documented from our meetings with Ex Libris to resolve or not to resolve each issue. As part of this search the Analytics WG has volunteered to put together a trial by adding the analytics evidence to a LibAnswers site.  Joan will demo the LibAnswers site to the sub-group at IGeLU and discuss its pros and cons.


Joan will be the Analytics WG representative at the IGeLU meeting in Prague in August. Several presentations focusing on analytics are scheduled for the conference.

Margaret Briand Wolfe
Analytics WG Coordinator