Primo Working Group – An update

2018 enhancement cycle update: Ongoing second round

After the initial voting in NERS for the Primo 2018 enhancements, we had conversations with ExLibris that resulted in the rejection of some, and the need for further clarification of some highly voted enhancement requests. To ensure community backing for the final results, we have started a second round of voting, which includes complexity points added by ExLibris. This second round closes on August !5, 2018, so get your votes in before then!

Primo VE – continued roll-out

This spring and summer, we have seen a marked uptake of Primo VE customers, and both Primo PWGs continue to be in close contact with ExLibris on this development. We are particularly alert to the roll-out strategy, the pros and cons of this flavour of Primo compared to the classic Back Office-based Primo, and what this could mean for the future of the product. A team selected of members from both PWGs will participate in a workshop with ExLibris on these topics in October.

Please note: the PWG would like to add a member that is Primo VE customer, and has prior experience of working with the classic Primo Back Office. If you are interested, please contact Knut before the IGeLU conference.


Primo Studio launch

This summer, ExLibris will officially launch the Primo Studio, which makes it easier for customers to change icons and colours, and add images and logos, to their New User Interface. Most importantly, it involves an easy way to implement community-provided add-ons to the interface. The PWGs are excited about how this feature can lower the threshold for community cooperation, and continue to contribute to this work.


Organisational changes

The PWG has seen two members leave the group this year – Andy MacKinnon and Rachel Collier-Wilson. We thank them for their contributions, and are sorry to see them leave the group. Knut Anton Bøckman is currently acting coordinator in lieu of Andy, and Bettina Kaldenberg is now acting deputy coordinator. The future internal organisation of the group will be settled in October.


Upcoming IGeLU conference in Prague

There will be lot more updates on the above items and other initiatives during the PWG Business meeting during this year’s conference. Please join us for discussions, ideas, and exchange of experience – Wednesday August 22 from 16:15 to 17:15.


This year’s program has plenty of interesting sessions – not least for the many institutions that are on the brink of migrating to the new UI. There are several presentations with a UX perspective and some detailing usability testing and results. The migration process itself is also a recurring theme. They will surely be interesting also to people that have already migrated, and can make for good discussions. Another strong element among the Primo sessions is working efficiently in consortial settings; this responds to a situation that an increasing number of institutions find themselves in. Finally, the Developers’ day presents a series of good presentations for advanced enhancements you can do to make more out of your Primo.


I’m hoping to see you in Prague and get the chance to talk further!


Knut Anton Bøckman

Acting Coordinator, Primo PWG