Day 3 – Lecture Hall – Pieter de Somer (PDS 01.30)

Q/A with Ex Libris / Clarivate Top Management

The Questions

Closing Keynote: Generative AI – Possibilities and concerns


  • Jeroen Baert

The world’s buzzing about AI, but what exactly is Artificial Intelligence, and what isn’t? How does a neural network work? Why is generative AI all the rage? What are the strengths and weaknesses of ChatGPT and Dall-E? What’s on the horizon? How can you use AI smart and responsibly? In this fun session we’ll try and get to the bottom of these questions, and separate the hype from the fundamentals.




  • Dave Allen, IGeLU Chair
  • Knut Bøckman, Royal Danish Library

Presentation – Farewell

Presentation – Welcome to Copenhagen for 2024