Azriel Morag Award for Innovation 2016

At this year’s IGeLU in Trondheim, two extremely worthy nominees were awarded the Azriel Morag Award for Innovation. They are – Christine Moulen of  M.I.T & Mehmet Celik of KU Leuven, for their invaluable contribution to the Ex Libris user community.



Mehmet Celik of KU Leuven, for his work on jQuery.Primo        

Mehmet has worked in library automation for almost 20 years. He is is the author and developer of jQuery.Primo, a library for client side development in Primo, making additional information available and creating new possibilities to customise Primo to local needs. The LIBISnet consortium had many requests for customized interfaces for Primo, but they wished to use their standard interface as much as possible and keep their Total Cost of Ownership low. In their words, “It was Mehmet who came with an open-minded, creative and intelligent approach to solve this equation with what later became the jQuery.Primo library.

Today more and more institutions worldwide use jQuery.Primo to customize their Primo installation and to better answer the needs of their users. Mehmet’s contribution has been integrated into the standard Primo package since February 2016.


Christine Moulen of M.I.T., for her ongoing contributions to the Aleph community       

Christine has been an important member of the Aleph community for many years.  Christine was chosen for her above-and-beyond, ongoing contribution to the Aleph community, including popular contributions to the Developer Network. Christine has helped other Aleph users worldwide through the Global Aleph Users list.

Of the most valuable contributions to the Global Aleph Users list that we have tracked since 2008, Christine has written 216 of them (about 20%), many in the past two years, on a wide range of topics. Her answers are carefully thought-out, authoritative, and universally considered by Aleph users to be worthy of their attention. In the words of her nominator, “Christine’s innovation is not a one-time creation. It is her day-after-day, week-after-week, year-after-year gift of brilliant and innovative answers and solutions to the Aleph user community.

Christine has also been very active in the NAAUG and ELUNA user groups, giving an average of two (always well-attended) presentations per year. In addition, she has two popular contributions in the Developer Corner.

Once again, Congratulations to our winners and our community is richer for your contributions.

More details of the award and pictures can be found here :