IGeLU 2017 in St. Petersburg, Russia

We are very happy to announce that the 12th IGeLU conference in September 2017 will be hosted by The National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The conference website is online! http://igelu2017.nlr.ru/

St. Petersburg (formerly known as Leningrad) is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It has a very historic center and one of course the most famous Hermitage museum which is not only remarkable for its art collections, but also for the fine historic buildings.


The National Library of Russia

Founded in 1795 and reflecting all the different periods that Russia has experienced since then, the National Library of Russia in Saint Petersburg is among the greatest treasures in the country’s cultural and historical heritage.

Being one of the world’s largest libraries, it possesses the most complete collection of publications in Russian. Special attention is traditionally paid to the acquisition of foreign works about Russia and publications in languages of the Russian Federation printed in different countries of the world.

The Library also builds as comprehensively as possible the multi-language collection of literature on key branches of science and technology.

Today the National Library of Russia houses more than 37 million items, of which 7.5 million items are in foreign languages.


The Conference

The conference starts Monday, September 11th and will end Wednesday, September 13th, preceded by the usual Pre-Conference meetings on Saturday, September 9th  and Sunday September 10th.

The conference will be followed by a Post-Conference Developers Day on Thursday September 14th.

Registration is now open since May 1 2017.


The venue

The venue of the conference is the Holiday Inn Moskovskye Vorota.

You are advised to book accommodation using the conference website

We hope to meet you again in lovely St. Petersburg!


Theo Engelman, IGeLU Chair