Enhancement planning: Primo and Digitool on the horizon

Planning for an enhancement cycle for both Primo and Digitool are now in progress: Primo The Primo PWG Enhancement group (Naomi Greidinger, Christian Haenger and Ole Holm) have been working on the de-duping and clarification of a long list of enhancements for Primo which have been extracted from the Pivotal system by Jorgen Madsen, Primo […]

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Pivotal moment for Primo

Since the IGeLU Conference in Ghent, the focus of the Primo PWG has been on getting the Primo enhancements data from Pivotal so that the group can work with the ELUNA Primo PWG to clarify and de-duplicate the list. Once this work is completed the reduced list can then be loaded into NERS so that […]

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Primo Service for MetaLib customers

As most customers should now be aware, Primo Central is available to Primo customers right now, and will become available to non-Primo MetaLib customers by way of a registration wizard in MetaLib 4.4 – just released. However during the meeting in Ghent Ex Libris announced that that a new Primo Service will be available for […]

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Product Upgrade sessions

After questions were raised, during the Ghent conference, about the availability of some Learning Center sessions, Ex Libris have announced that all product upgrade sessions will now be available to all customers to view without a license. For more information go to the Ex Libris Learning Center. Ex Libris also agreed in Ghent that new […]

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Developer meets developer

In November 2010 Ex Libris will host the fifth gathering of the developers’ forum in Jerusalem. There will be 15 participants from eight countries: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Israel, Switzerland, and the USA. Every participant will present a project that was carried out at his or her institution with a wide range of […]

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