SFX Voting Concluded

The 2012 SFX software enhancement cycle officially kicked off on Monday, September 24. IGeLU members had until Friday October 19th to submit enhancement requests to NERS, and voting took place between October 26th and November 26th. Please see the SFX members pages for further details. […]

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SFX PWG update

The SFX Product Working Group met in Zurich last month to discuss priorities and focus for the PWG for the year.  While conference planning is always a constant activity, we identified a couple of additional areas to work on.  This year we will continue the ongoing KB and software enhancements voting processes – the KB […]

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UStat and COUNTER compliant vendors

Due to the growing adoption of the UStat product by SFX and Verde customers, Ex Libris requested customer input for prioritization in adding vendors and report formats. This spring, the IGeLU and ELUNA Verde Product Working Groups will implement NERS processes to collect COUNTER compliant vendors and report formats from customers for prioritization in a voting cycle. […]

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Weltklasse Zurich: SFX, MetaLib, Primo, NERS, and SC meetings

In March the Product Working Groups of SFX and MetaLib/Primo, along with members of the NERS team will be meeting in Zurich to discuss a number of open issues such as enhancement processes, NERS workflows, and the merger of the MetaLib and Primo PWGs. Some members of the Steering Committee will attend the meetings, and […]

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SFX PWG update

The SFX Product Working Group has been busy at work this year.  Our biggest achievement has been co-managing the ongoing CKB enhancement request process with ELUNA.  To date, we have initiated 5 voting cycles and over 30 resources have been submitted to Ex Libris for consideration.  11, including 3 regional resource, have been implemented in […]

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Verde and SFX publishing and harvesting

Within the last few weeks Ex Libris has launched the new SFX 4.1/Verde publishing and harvesting process. Beside the new publishing and harvesting process this Verde update includes some smaller enhancements and bug fixes. The Verde Product Working Group are very interested to hear customer reports about this new interoperability – not just about the […]

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Product Upgrade sessions

After questions were raised, during the Ghent conference, about the availability of some Learning Center sessions, Ex Libris have announced that all product upgrade sessions will now be available to all customers to view without a license. For more information go to the Ex Libris Learning Center. Ex Libris also agreed in Ghent that new […]

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Developer meets developer

In November 2010 Ex Libris will host the fifth gathering of the developers’ forum in Jerusalem. There will be 15 participants from eight countries: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Israel, Switzerland, and the USA. Every participant will present a project that was carried out at his or her institution with a wide range of […]

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SFX collaborative testing completed

Representatives of IGeLU took part in collaborative testing of SFX Version 4.0, in early March. Collaborative testing involves member institutions travelling to Israel to work directly with the developers in testing new functionality. It’s an intense period of iterative testing and development, that benefits customers and company. The results of the SFX testing were very […]

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