Content WG – Call for volunteers

The joint IGeLU and ELUNA Content Working Group (CWG) engages in activities, on behalf of the Alma, SFX, 360, Primo Central Index and Summon user communities, that support the development and management of the knowledge bases and indexes that underlie the aforementioned products.

Through collaboration with Ex Libris, the CWG acts to ensure that data stored in the knowledge bases and indexes are, insofar as is possible, of the highest quality by reviewing the quality assurance policies and processes; by making suggestions for improvements that ensure customers’ permanent influence on the quality of the KB; and by organizing NERS Content voting cycles for SFX KB, 360 KB, Alma CZ, Primo Central Index and Summon Index.

After a 2-year term, several CWG members have decided to step down. Therefore, the CWG is currently looking for volunteers for a new 2-year term with Summon, PCI, 360 services, Alma, and/or SFX experience. If you are interested in volunteering for the Content Working Group, please fill in this form before January 15, 2019:

Selection process will be achieved by the current active CWG members by the end of January 2019.


  • We expect volunteers who have a least one year experience as manager of at least one Ex Libris KB or index.
  • Only one individual from any one institution will be selected.
  • Coming from an institution that is an ELUNA or IGeLU member is highly recommended.
  • Experience with others KBs or discovery tools is a plus.
  • Since a large majority of current active CWG members are from the USA, we strongly encourage colleagues from other countries to apply.


  • François Renaville, University of Liège, co-coordinator for IGeLU,
  • Kathy Varjabedian, Los Alamos National Laboratory Research Library, co-chair for ELUNA,