NERS Content Voting Cycle H2 2018

The voting for Content-related enhancement requests has begun on Monday December 3rd. Voting will be open until Sunday December 23.

Please vote! The more participation we get, the better the ballot result represent the needs of members institutions.

The voting will be for requests to have new content collections/targets/databases added into all Ex Libris ProQuest KnowledgeBases (Alma CZ, SFX KB, 360 KB) or indices (Primo Central, Summon), or both. Each request includes information on which type of module the requestor wants the resource added to, under “Module/Category.” The options are:

  • Index (Discovery): add to an index (Summon, PCI)
  • KB (Delivery): add to a KB (Alma CZ, SFX KB, 360 KB)
  • Index & KB: add to both KB and index

After voting, the Content Working Group will pass the top ten enhancement requests on to Ex Libris, who will do their best to add them in the KBs and indexes. Whether or not new content can be added is reliant on the responsiveness of the data provider and is not exclusively the responsibility of Ex Libris.

For this voting ballot, the following 4 regional groups are highlighted:

  • Chinese language
  • Hebrew language
  • Finnish language
  • Polish language

This guarantees that at least one regional collection for each of the 4 groups will be pushed up and be part of the top 10.

Your institution must be an IGeLU or ELUNA member to take part to the voting process.

How to vote:

  • Log into NERS.
  • Select the H2 2018 Content ballot
  • Just check the Content requests you want to vote for.
  • Feel free to vote for content you may not be interested in, but that is important for other institutions or other communities.
  • You can vote for as many requests as you want, but voting for a very large majority of requests will reduce the importance of your own votes.

NERS Content Coordinators
Molly Beisler, University of Nevada, Reno,
Stew MacLehose, University of New England,
Ulrikke Greve Olufsen, University of Oslo,