DigiTool and the path to Alma Digital

Last year’s Digitool enhancement request process has been concluded and formal feedback from Ex Libris has been sent to the user community. These enhancements are expected to be distributed as part of the quarterly service packs (along with those remaining from the previous enhancements list).

At the last IGeLU Conference in Haifa, Ex Libris confirmed that the company would continue to support DigiTool as a separate piece of software, but with no further version upgrades. The PWG, on behalf of the customers, asked Ex Libris to clarify this roadmap, and the company has confirmed that existing DigiTool clients will be upgraded to Alma Digital with no loss of functionality. The only additional cost will be a hosting fee. It isn’t clear yet how Alma Digital will work as a cloud application, but IGeLU will continue to follow the developments and advocate for our members.

We also have a new Ex Libris Product Manager for Digitool – Asaf Kline is now in post, and our conversations with him have been fruitful. Asaf is also the Alma Product Manager, which is very promising to DigiTool users – coordinating both products, Asaf knows how DigiTool is being used and the functionality the community needs to see in Alma.

We’ll look forward to Zurich for new developments.

Luís Miguel Costa, Digitool PWG Coordinator