Rosetta (stepping) stone

Rosetta was first presented to the IGeLU community at the Madrid Conference in 2008, and from that point the Digitool PWG has had primary responsibility for the product within IGeLU.

Initially that was through liaison with the Ex Libris Product Managers, and last year in Haifa we also got the first two presentations from the growing community of Rosetta users.

'Bodies in Motion' by Paul Stevenson

The IGeLU Steering Committee is always open to requests to form a new Product Working Group if there is sufficient demand – for now, however, IGeLU has created a specific product mailing list (  to act as a forum for Rosetta customers to talk with each other about the product, and to replace the general discussion mailing list from ExLibris. This is perhaps a stepping stone towards a fully-fledged PWG. Any Rosetta current client (IGeLU member or not) can be part of the list – subscription information is available online. The DigiTool PWG will continue to follow Rosetta development and Matthias Gross (Bayerische StaatsBibliothek, Germany) will act as liaison with Ex Libris over Rosetta issues.

Luís Miguel Costa, Digitool PWG Coordinator