IGeLU 2023 Conference Updates

There is a lot happening between now and the conference opening session in Leuven, Belgium.

  1. The closing date for Q&A submissions for response by Ex Libris management closes on the 31st August.  So it is not too late to submit your questions at  https://forms.gle/ddFXAny2WWF7bT1x5
  • Registration to the Ex Libris Knowledge Day Session and Primo VE Workshops on the 14th September will close on the 3rd September. These sessions are only available to physical attendees and there is no cost to attend. Registration to the Primo VE Workshops can be made at https://forms.gle/4RoNBUbJPkX7EXVm9 and the Thursday Ex Libris Knowledge Session can be made at https://forms.gle/Lxgix51EwPBW68b56

More information about the conference including the conference program can be found at https://igelu2023.org/