IGeLU 2023 Conference Feedback Survey

IGeLU 2023 is now over, and we have commenced planning for IGeLU 2024.

As part of the wrap-up of IGeLU 2023, we would like you to complete the following conference survey – https://forms.gle/1WjG4ypiU9chV1Lo6 . This survey will help us with the IGeLU 2024 planning.

Please complete the survey if you

  1. Physically attended the conference.
  2. Virtually attended the conference.
  3. Did not attend the conference at all.

Survey closing date for the survey is 14th October 2023.

As per previous years we will publish the results and findings onto our website.

Meanwhile, please refer to https://igelu.org/event/igelu-2023-conference/ for

  1. List of IGeLU 2023 conference participants
  2. IGeLU 2023 presentations and recordings.

Access to presentations and recordings will initially be restricted to

  1. IGeLU members who can use their NERS login and password.
  2. Conference participants who have been supplied a special user-id and password.

The embargo period has been set to three months after this period the material will become available on open access.

Conference recordings will be added over the next couple of weeks.

If you have any questions or issues, please let me know at chair@igelu.org