IGeLU budgets and Assembly

IGeLU General Assembly

According with the IGeLU Statute, the Assembly of Members (Wednesday, September 2nd, Session 4: 14.30-15.30 and September 4th, Session 16: 16.00-16.30) will be asked to approve the annual budget of IGeLU.
This is a crucial meeting for the Association, in order for the Steering Committee to be able to plan their activity, to organize the annual conferences and the Working Group meetings.
To allow you having a clear understanding of our activities and the expenditure needs of the Association, we published on our website all the information concerning;

  • The 2014 closed budget
  • The current 2015 budget
  • A provisional draft 2016 budget.

If you need to have more details or something is not clear enough, don’t hesitate to contact us before or at the Conference.

Open positions and Candidates

Each year a number of Steering Committee member positions are open for election. Here you can read more on the open positions and candidates this year.

Use your vote

Institutions that are paid-up with the IGeLU annual fee are recognized as Members and have the right to participate to the Assembly of Members (September 2nd, Session 4 and 4th, Session 16).
We need a quorum of one third of all Members to validate the decisions of the Assembly concerning project, plan of activities, expenses, etc.
Only one of the representatives of each Institution attending the meeting will be asked to sign the book of participants and will receive the voting slips, please remember to ask at the registration desk when registering yourself.

Proxy voting

Members not attending the Annual Meeting may give to a third party their authorization in writing for a proxy vote.
These weeks all the contact persons of each Member Institution will receive a questionnaire in order to know if a representative of their Institution is going to attend the Conference or not.
If not they will have the opportunity through the questionnaire to give their proxy.

Guido Badalamenti, IGeLU Treasurer guido.badalamenti@asb.unisi.it