Leganto Customer Profile: University of Limerick

Michelle Breen is the Head of Information Services at UL Library and is currently charged with academic engagement with Leganto as the Reading List system at the University of Limerick.
Contact: michelle.breen@ul.ie

Q: What is the status of your implementation?
If this is a 5-step process with step 1 being we’ve just bought Leganto and are getting started and Step 5 being satisfactorily implemented and user feedback is solid and we have robust processes in place to handle any and all issues relating to Leganto I would say we are at somewhere between 2 and 3.

Q: What is the major benefit you hope to see as a result of your institutions’ use of Leganto?
Increased usage of recommended readings by students of taught programmes and enhanced relevance and usage of library collections as a result of acquisition of material recommended to students.

Q: What do you see as the major challenge you’ll encounter in getting your community of users to use Leganto?
The level of uptake of use of online technologies in teaching is something of an unknown to us so we don’t know what is a realistic level of interaction with the reading lists in the VLEs (Sakai and Moodle). So if 50% of our academic staff teach using a VLE then it is realistic for us to see activity across about 50% of the module reading lists on the VLE.

Q: How do you plan to overcome these challenges?
Continued advocacy and demonstration of the benefits of the online reading lists to faculty through reading list clinics etc.

Q: How will you measure success?
Increased usage of the module reading lists in the VLE

Q: How can the user group best be of help to you?
Insights and tips from institutions that have achieved success in their rollout.

Q: How do you see Leganto contributing to the positioning of your library within your University?
Interesting learning data can be gathered through this Leganto rollout i.e. how many studnets interact with particular resources, the age of the material being recommended per discipline, the prevalence of ebooks for particular subjects. Leganto can reveal patterns and trends that we heretofore had not seen.