Leganto Librarian Analytics Reports 2022-2023 Focus Group

The Leganto Librarian Analytics Reports 2022-2023 Focus Group was established to share current Analytics reporting practice and to explore institutions’ different operational and strategic reporting needs with a view to updating Leganto’s out of the box reporting which is maintained by Ex libris to benefit all Library users.

After a call for expressions of interest from Leganto customers, participants have included the following institutions:

  • Charles Darwin University (Australia)
  • LIUC Università Cattaneo (Italy)
  • Rice University (TX, USA)
  • Roberts Wesleyan College (NY, USA)
  • Sikt/ BIBSYS (Norway)
  • University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK)
  • University of Manchester (England, UK)
  • University of Minnesota (MN, USA)
  • University of Plymouth (England, UK)
  • University of Sheffield (England, UK)
  • University of Toronto (Canada)
  • University of Western Sydney (Australia)
  • University of York (England, UK)

From late June 2022, Focus Group members have had individual meetings with Leganto Product Manager Dolav Ben-Artzi and Ex Libris colleagues to present their current Leganto analytics reports and explain their local institutional context and reporting needs. All focus group members are invited to these sessions which help to share best practice and discuss different approaches. These sessions will continue until September 2022 after which Ex libris will identify common requirements and work with the focus group to identify and develop new out of the box reports.

There are two main types of analytics reporting which should emerge from the focus group:

  1. Day to day operational reports – A collection of quality customer-created reports on workflow and Leganto operations which will be added to the out-of-the-box set of reports and will be supported by Ex Libris.
  2. Advanced “big picture” strategic reports – A set of more advanced reports to measure and demonstrate library impact on teaching and learning more widely.

When the group’s work is completed by May 2023, the new analytics reports should be shared for all customers to use.