Leganto LTI 1.3 Focus Group

Over the past year, there have been multiple discussions about the implementation of Leganto LTI 1.3 on the Leganto mailing list.  In June 2021, the IGeLU and ELUNA Leganto WG developed with Ex Libris an LTI 1.3 Focus Group to identify potential difficulties in the implementation of Leganto LTI 1.3 across different learning management systems. 

The participants of the focus group were:

  • IGeLU
    • University of the Sunshine Coast using Canvas (Alicia Berneville-Claye) 
    • Bond University using Blackboard Ultra (Jessie Donaghey)
    • Vanderbilt University using D2L Brightspace (Jamen McGranahan)
    • Davidson College (using Moodle) expressed interest in the group but was unable to participate at the time of the focus group. 
  • Ex Libris 
    • Barak Hecht and Jessie Ransom

The focus group wrapped up at the end of 2021 and the LTI 1.3 Focus Group Final Report is available for the community to review. We hope it will supplement the work already being done by Ex Libris and the community to support this important implementation.

To support the larger community’s current and planned migrations, the Leganto WG are also providing a Leganto LTI version and Learning Management System combination spreadsheet.  If you are willing to be contacted by other community members, please add your institution and LMS to the list.