Leganto new UX/UI 2022-2023 Focus Group summary

The Leganto new UX/UI meetings, held by Ex Libris with focus groups of library staff and nominated instructors, have now been completed. During these meetings there were wide-ranging and detailed discussions about a number of potential features and workflows for the new Leganto UI. Having direct input from instructors was particularly useful as they provided insights into the user perspective on many areas of functionality.

Ex Libris developers have taken on board all the feedback and have been working on the new UI. A webinar demonstration was held in November to demonstrate progress.

A number of institutions volunteered to be “early adopters”, with access to the new UI in June 2023. The early adopters will have a selection of instructors/courses that will use the new UI, with the rest of the instructors/courses staying on the current UI. This will ensure the new UI can be thoroughly tested in real-time environments.

All other institutions will then have access from September 2023, with a year-long window allowing for the switch over to occur during an appropriate break in teaching. The current UI will be withdrawn in October 2024.

Ex Libris has confirmed that the user groups were very valuable in terms of development, especially with the engagement from instructors. Alongside all the feedback on new features, there were also a number of under-used features marked for possible removal.

IGeLU thanks everyone who took part in this collaborative process, particularly those instructors who gave up their valuable time to participate and who gave such valuable input. For the list of participating institutions, see the Leganto new UX/UI 2022-2023 Focus Group kick-off post from last year.

Ex Libris has provided a dedicated email to answer any questions regarding the new Leganto UX/UI: pq-leganto_customers_feedback@clarivate.com