News from the Interoperability Special Interest Working Group

Joint IGeLU/ELUNA Special Interest Working Group (SIWG) on Interoperability

At the IGeLU 2013 conference, it was decided that there is a strategic and a real need for an interoperability SIWG to look into various interoperability (and related) issues along with making sure that interoperability play a key role in current and future Ex Libris products.
This led to the creation of a joint IGeLU/ELUNA SIWG on Interoperability, which has initiated work on this topic. Ex Libris has also shown a key commitment to this cause, and have shown an interest in working with the SIWG from the very beginning.
More details and membership of the group can be found here:

This is a new, dynamic technical group and we are still in early stages. If you have any ideas or further questions about the group, please don’t hesitate to contact Masud Khokhar at or any other member of the group. We will keep you updated with our progress.

We are looking forward to working with the community on the important topic of interoperability within Ex Libris products as well as Ex Libris products with external vendors’ products.

Masud Khokar, IGeLU/ELUNA Interoperability SIWG coordinator