News from the SFX Product Working Group


The SFX Product Working Group met in Berlin during the IGeLU 2013 conference to discuss our goals for the year 2014.
At IGeLU 2013, an SFX Knowledgebase Advisory Board (KBAB) was formed as a joint initiative of IGELU and ELUNA to advise and work with Ex Libris on issues relating to the quality and consistency of the SFX CKB.
The KnowledgeBase Advisory Board has submitted an initial list of topics to the SFX Product Manager.

Checklist for contentproviders

SFX PWG is pleased to introduce a new checklist that may be helpful when talking to new content providers about adding their resources to the SFX KnowledgeBase.
The document is designed to help content providers understand the requirements for linking via SFX. The checklist was produced in collaboration with ELUNA and Ex Libris.
You can find the checklist on the Documentation Center under SFX > Technical Documentation > KnowledgeBase Information.

KB voting cycles

The progress continues with the KB resources voting process with 17 cycles completed this far.
To see the full results of all of the SFX KB NERS voting cycles including regional votes, go to the EL Commons Wiki

Software voting cycles

The 2013 SFX software enhancement cycle was completed in early December and the results of the voting have been sent to Ex Libris for evaluation.
The total number of votes cast was 7402, by a total of 81 user group members of IGeLU (52) and ELUNA (29).
To see the voting results of the 2013 SFX software enhancement cycle, go to the EL Commons WIKI

We are continuing to look for ways that we can best assist the SFX community.
If you have thoughts, ideas, or concerns, please contact Bas Vat, the SFX PWG coordinator at .

Anna Pienimäki, IGeLU SFX PWG member