News from the Aleph Product Working Group

Voting for V. 23

Since the IGeLU conference in Berlin, the Aleph PWG is working on an enhancements voting cycle.
For the first voting cycle, 115 enhancement requests were submitted and, as agreed by the IGeLU members in Zurich conference, we selected the 15 most voted to be evaluated and assigned complexity points by Ex Libris.
Ex Libris informed us that one of the requests, related to ARC, has already been implemented in ARC4 and another one will be available in Aleph v22.
Two requests didn’t get any complexity points assigned and we are discussing with Ex Libris a solution on this.

In each enhancement request in the list you can see the number of complexity points assigned to them. IGeLU has 120 complexity points for each Aleph release but, because we spent 4 extra points last year, we now only have 116 complexity points available for Aleph v23.

Final voting now open!

The Final voting cycle is running on NERS since January 8th until January 24th.
For any NERS related questions, including changing your password or determining who your site contact might be, please contact the NERS team at
Questions about the Aleph enhancements voting cycle can be submitted to

Augusto Ribeiro, IGeLU Aleph PWG coordinator