Primo/Metalib Updates

New coordinator & personnel changes

Andy MacKinnon (Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford) has recently taken on the role of Co-ordinator of the Primo/Metalib PWG, succeeding Dr Christian Haenger (Mannheim University) who was elected to the IGeLU Steering Committee at the St Petersburg conference.

Knut Bøckman (Royal Library, Denmark) has stepped up to take on the role of Deputy Co-ordinator.

The group has also recently welcomed the following new members:  Rachel Collier-Wilson (University of Sheffield), Lee Houghton (University of Nottingham), Stacey van Groll (University of Queensland) and Wei Xuan (University of Manitoba).   Full membership and contact details are available on the Primo PWG page on the IGeLU website.

2017 enhancements cycle update

After productive discussions with Ex Libris product management the results of the 2017 enhancements process were finalised in early October.  Further details may be found here.

Goals for 2017/18

The IGeLU and ELUNA Primo PWGs have agreed a joint goals document for the next year to guide the strategic direction of the groups’ activities and encourage enhanced collaboration between the groups.  The document was presented as part of the Combined Primo and Metalib PWG Business Meeting at the St Petersburg conference and is available here.

PrimoVE collaboration with Ex Libris

As noted in the Goals document an area of particular focus in the coming year will be working in partnership with Ex Libris to further the development of the Primo VE product – PWG veterans Boaz Dotan (University of Haifa) and Bettina Kaldenberg (Mannheim University) will be leading on this important work.

Primo new UI engagement

The PWG will continue to engage with Ex Libris and the Primo user community to pursue issues relating to the new UI including performance concerns, release quality etc.

Primo new UI rollout initiatives

Together with the ELUNA Primo PWG the group will be working with Ex Libris and the user community to facilitate customers’ transition to use of the new Primo UI, looking to identify and address issues and concerns which might be limiting takeup.

Andy MacKinnon
Primo PWG Coordinator