More Content? Better Content?

Ex Libris Content team is continuously working on improving the quality of their KnowledgeBases (SFX KB, 360 KB, Alma CZ) and CDI (Primo Central, Summon). And the customers’ feedback matters to Ex Libris! So, don’t hesitate to use the different existing channels to improve KBs and indexes.

(1) Idea Exchange Content forum

Use Idea Exchange Content forum to extend the discovery indexes, KnowledgeBases and the Alma Community Zone by telling Ex Libris what collections and data you’d like to see them add. You can also support something already posted by another customer.

You can suggest new collections for Discovery (Primo Central and Summon), new collections for the KnowledgeBase (Alma CZ, SFX KB and 360 KB) and ask for enrichment of Community Zone bibliographic records for certain collections.
If you are suggesting new content for Discovery that is not yet in the Knowledgebase you do not need to submit two entries (one for Discovery and one for Knowledgebase), only one is enough!

Once you have submitted your idea, you may also consider promoting it internally (by inviting colleagues to vote for it), on your national or regional list (particularly if the requested resource is regional), and on the product list.

Also have a look at the Idea Exchange FAQ.

(2) NERS, the IGeLU and ELUNA Enhancement Request System

A NERS voting ballot for new content is planned for spring 2021. You will need to be a member of either IGeLU or ELUNA to participate in the voting cycles, and to use NERS.

Difference between the Idea Exchange and the NERS enhancement process? Have a look at

(3) Salesforce

If you are encountering frequent issues with a particular collection (metadata, linking, coverage…), you should not hesitate to create a Salesforce (SF) case and ask for a correction or update.

Even when your SF case has not been processed according to your expectations, stay polite and professional and remember that support staff are also just doing their job as best as they can. But you may also consider escalating your case by contacting for all Content Operations (Alma CDI, CZ, SFX KB, PCI, Summon Index, 360 KB, Ulrich’s)

See also: What is Ex Libris Escalation Policy?

(4) Content Working Group

If the other channels have not helped, don’t hesitate to contact the joint IGeLU/ELUNA Content Working Group at The CWG members are always happy to receive your questions or feedback and to act as a go-between with Ex Libris teams.